with the ocassional glue sniffin, or your favourite choice of coke waste, wanna join?,

I want to be in a  Homeless Philosophy Discussion club.

too much?, Anonymous,
Anonymous: ‶Sorry if it's annoying, but you have such a nice taste... Could you recommend some of your favorite movies & shorts?″

It’s not annoying at all, it’s just difficult if I don’t what kind of stuff you’re into so I’ll drop a few random films if that’s ok.

Der Todesking by Jorg Buttgereit (No one seems to like it but I really love this one, so watch it at your own risk of hating it (?))

I also love Nekromantik by the same guy

Dolls by Takeshi Kitano (if like me you enjoy depressing, you could also watch Orozco the embalmer and make your day)

Schizopolis by Steven Sondenbergh and Waking life by Richard Linklater of you like weird stuff that aparently make no sense (but actually do)

If you like animation you should definitely see Peurs du noir by a bunch of awesome animators

of course Hell by Rein Ramaat

and ANYTHING by Rob Morgan (like this one)

also Everything will be ok by Don Hertzfeld

seul contre tous,
Al Columbia, doghead,
istván orosz,
Has any of you seen Orozco the embalmer? What are your thoughts about it?
I saw it a couple days ago and I can't shake it off my head
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fumie sasabuchi,
istván orosz,
une histoire de vent, joris ivens,
istván orosz,
istván orosz,
istván orosz,
Al Columbia, doghead,
joris ivens, une histoire de vent,